Rosenberg Mint ( i.e. Mennica Rosenberg sp. z o.o. ) is accredited by NBP ( i.e. National Bank of Poland, link – NBP ). We assure 100% security (our license number is 17671/2020, certificates and permissions: Anti-Money Laundering nr. 001/05/2020/PP – PDF, Foreign Exchange Cashier nr. 005/05/2020/KAS – PDF ? ). All of the documents above are available at the head office ( WFDIF, Chelmska 21, 00-724 Warsaw ) ??. The front desk staff of the building will guide You to our office on the first floor, room nr. 101.

UWAGA !!! – Mennica Rosenberg sp. z o.o. aktualności TOP z tego roku


poprzez operatorów w danym kraju. W Polsce POCZTA POLSKA S.A. – kalkulator prowizji


The Rosenberg Mint is a distributor of precious metals goods for investors and private or institutional collectors. We are a leading distributor in the territory of Eastern Europe. We sell and buy precious metals in bars and coins. ??. Our products are made of the highest quality gold, silver, platinum and palladium. As of right now, we are applying to become a LBMA ( London Bullion Market Association ) member company. It is a wholesale over-the-counter market for trading of gold and silver often defined as the global authority on precious metals. Being a LBMA member company is a guarantee of high standards and security.


Mennica Rosenberg Tytus Rosenberg – mini from Karolina Dopierała on Vimeo.


The Rosenberg Mint offers gold bars, gold coins, the Mint of Poland, gold, silver coins at the head office.

Online Store 24H – investment gold and silver in Poland and the rest of the world

Can You buy at our online store – gold bars and gold coins?

In our assortment, we offer You gold bars, silver bars, platinum coins and palladium coins from all over the world. We encourage You to contact our consultants to make personalized orders for gold. You can contact us in the following languages: English, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Slovenian, Estonian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Norwegian. A wide range of products of gold and silver (investment gold and silver) in order for each of our clients to find products of silver, gold, palladium and platinum that fulfill their needs. ??☝️

At Rosenberg Mint,You can buy gold, silver, palladium and platinum bars. Choose a size and weight (from 1g up to 15kg depending on the product). We accept payments in Euro and Polish Zloty). ? We also run a currency exchange burreau (please contact us beforehand to check if the currency of your choice is currently available). We try to carry extensive stocks to provide you with fastest delivery possible.

Laurie R. King, Uczennica pasiecznika

„…. Mężczyzna nie rozpozna jaka to złota sztabka, jeśli nie oprawi złota w świecącą gwiazdę …”
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Gold bars and silver tabs available 6 days a week, phone number: +48 22 4274968

Gold bars, gold coins, silver bars, silver coins – all of these products are available 24/7 in our head office in Warsaw, Poland. ? We offer delivery or a pick-up in our point in Szczecin, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw and Gdansk. Gold Bar Investment | Sizes From 1g up to 5kg

Polish Mint

Rosenberg Mint Limited Company with the head office in Warsaw is an entity with a history of gold, silver, palladium and platinum bars and coins in Europe, resuming our activity in 1956. ??. We distribute our products all over Scandinavia and East Europe. Wilhelm Rosenberg bought the city of Zloty Stok and its gold mine and mint in 1582,Złota 7, 57-250 Złoty Stok. The mint of Zloty Stok minted 2 and 4 ducat coins (diameter – 27mm) with the bust of Wilhelm Rosenberg, the Rosenberg crest and the chain of The Distinguished Order of the Golden Fleece on the reverse.

Currently, we offer to our clients products of the best quality from renownded mints from all around the world that have the LBMA accreditation and hold the highest standards. ?? London’s bullion market is a wholesale, OTC market for retailing gold and silver. London Bullion Market Association carries on these trades which are supervised by the Bank of England. Most of the members are big, international banks, bullion dealers and rafineries (some of the members include: Argor-Heraeus, PAMP, Perth Mint and Rand Refinery). Rosenberg Mint is active on the territory of Europe and its main central distribution warehouse is in Poland. In the near future, we are planning to resume production and expand our assortmen of Rosenberg Mint by adding indigenous products.

We cooperate with companies from the investment and jeweler sectors in order to ensure good quality and a variety of products solutions. We buy and sell precious metal goods. The owners of Rosenberg Mint Limited Company have been active on the precious metals market since 1956, having developped strong and long-term relationships with clients and suppliers which makes us a reliable brand to buy from products that have all the necessary mint certificates. All the products we sell are certified and accredited i.e. https://www.pkn.pl/uslugi/certyfikacja. In our assortment, You will find precious metals products at affordable prices. We sell mint products under the address: mennica-rosenberg.pl and in stationary stores in Poland.

Dukaty Wilhelma Rosenberga z 1585 i 1587 roku - Mennica ROSENBERG
Dukaty Wilhelma Rosenberga z 1585 i 1587 roku

Tytus L Rosenberg is the heir and counselor of Rosenberg gold mine. The National Bank of Poland ( NBP – wykaz ) gives You 100% guarantee for the Polish Mint ( license nr. 17671/2020 ). An accreditations and certificates: Anti-Money Laundering ( license nr. 001/05/2020/PP – PDF ) and Foreign Exchange Cashier ( license nr 005/05/2020/KAS – PDF ). ?? The documents are available at the head office. In special cases, we send the documents via email i.e. biuro@mennica-rosenberg.pl.

We process orders above 10.000 PLN / 3.000 USD / 3.000 EU. Orders below this price will be canceled.

The Rosenberg Mint Limited Company sells at their store: gold bars, gold coins, the mint of Poland, gold, silver coins

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NBP has imported gold to Poland. Most of it landed in Poznan.

“Six transports of gold have landed on the Lawica airport in Poznan.” – revealed by the press office of NBP. In each transport, there was 1000 bars of gold adding up to 12,5 tons of gold. ☝️informs onet.pl #mennicarosenberg

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NBP has finished the operation of importing gold to Poland

In most central banks, which publically inform about their management strategies, about 50% of bullion resources is stocked in safes on the territories of their indigenous countries. Now, it is also the case in Poland. ☝️

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This metal’s price is going up faster than gold’s and will keep on getting higher

Today the price for an ounce of this metal is 300$ more expensive than for an ounce of gold. ? By the end of the year, it will be 500$. In the following years, palladium is going to become the most desired metal. ???

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Brass deposits and silver deposits

Newly discovered deposit in the Lubusz voivodeship, on the territory of the Kolsko borrough, Nowa Sol and Siedlisko. The Zielona Gora Copper company, belonging to Miedzi Copper, has received the decision about the confirmation of geological documentation of brass and silver deposits of Nowa Sol.

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GOLD mask – businessman Shankar Kurhade

An Indian man said he paid about ? US$ 14,000 for a bespoke gold face mask to protect him from the coronavirus raging in the country. The precious metal covering weighs 60 grammes (two ounces) and took craftsmen eight days to make, said businessman Shankar Kurhade, from the western city of Pune. 

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A Polish coin for over 2 MLN $

„A Polish coin for over 2 mln $.?… In the auction house of Classical Numismatic Group INC in the US, a very rare coin was put up on sale – a gold coin of one hundred ducats of Zygmunt III Waza. Its approximate value is said to be about 2 000 000 USD. In the information received from the auction house, the coin is described to have the diameter of 70 mm and to weigh 349,49g.


Why should You choose the Rosenberg Mint ? Mint of Poland

Our coins and bars come from the safest mints of the world: The Austrian Mint (0,5oz coins – Wiener Philharmoniker), the Royal Canadian Mint (1oz coins – Gold Maple Leaf Coin), the Rand Rafinery of RPA (1oz coins – Krugerrand).

In our assortment, we have over 100 kinds of gold bars and coins, mint of Poland, gold, silver coins

Why do we invest in bars and coins : gold, silver, palladium and platinum?

Silver coins and gold coins are one of the most secure ways to invest money. Buying precious metals is a great method to differentiate Your investment portfolio. Gold cannot be produced according to demand and convenience, unlike money and stocks. Gold is a finite resource that is immune to inflation policies. Gold and silver are immune to all the crises and their value will increase because of their limited availability.

Cassandra Clare, Bane’s Chronicles:

…. While the golden Wayland was attracting spotlight and attention, Alexander Lightwood could be compared to silver. […] And silver, even though not many people knew of it, was a metal more precious than gold

Why should You buy investment gold bars and coins from the Rosenberg Mint?

Direct and wholesale purchase of metals from manufacturers lets us, a mint from Poland, to sell products at competitive prices, similar to actual prices of gold and silver on the bullion market in London. We encourage You to compare prices and the availability with competitive mints. We make it possible for You to monitor the prices of gold, silver, palladium and platinum at our online store (under the following address: www.mennica-rosenberg.pl) so You can be aware of the situation on the market and make the best decisions with the help of the Rosenberg Mint. We also offer You the possibility to purchase products at wholesale prices. Our experts will help You to make the best investment decisions when it comes to precious metals.

gold bars, gold coins, mint of Poland, silver, silver coins

…. KRUGERRAND, Wiener Philharmoniker, LUNAR, Australian Kangaroo


Rosenberg Mint – gold and silver, a reliable partner for your gold and silver investment

24H online store – … Investement GOLD and SILVER in EUROPE

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