NBP brought gold to Polish. Most landed in Poznan

As many as six transports with Polish gold landed at Poznań's Ławica airport – reveals the press office of the National Bank of Poland. In each of them there was a thousand gold bars with a total weight of 12.5 tons – informs

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NBP completed the operation to bring gold to the country

In most central banks – which report publicly on their gold management strategy – about 50% of bullion stock is stored in vaults throughout the country. This is now also the case with Polish.

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This metal is more expensive than gold and will continue to

Today, you have to pay $300 more for an ounce of gold than you pay for an ounce. By the end of the year, the difference will increase to half a thousand. In the years to come, palladium, as it is referred to, will be the most desirable metal in the world.

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Copper Copper has a new copper and silver bed

The newly discovered deposit is located in lubuskie province in the municipalities of Kolsko, Nowa Sól and Siedlisk
o.The company Zielona Góra Copper, owned by Copper Copper, received a decision to approve the geological documentation of the new copper and silver ore deposit "Nowa Sól".

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